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The Granite Status April 2015

The Granite Status

Comparing getting rushed by turkeys to the gritty realities of crime in NYC and other differences between Granite Staters and city dwellers.

Making the Grade March 2015

Making the Grade

Tapping into the maple syrup class system.

Practically In Love February 2015

Practically In Love

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Just Say Yes (to Winter) January 2015

Just Say Yes (to Winter)

Thinking about it is a lot easier than actually doing it.

Getting a new aortic valve (from a cow) December 2014

Getting a new aortic valve (from a cow)

The stress test is just the beginning of the stress

The joys of sleeping (or not sleeping) with dogs November 2014

The joys of sleeping (or not sleeping) with dogs

Three dogs plus two humans means no one is sleeping

The endless road (works) October 2014

The endless road (works)

Will the roadwork and expansion of I-93 ever end?

Organic and Then Some September 2014

Organic and Then Some

Who says Styrofoam isn't good for plants?

Beware of Summer August 2014

Beware of Summer

Go ahead - just try and relax.

Raising the Bar (BQ) July 2014

Raising the Bar (BQ)

No, we didn't get a new Pope. The white haze is just the smoke from my Big Green Egg

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