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Off the Map

Don’t trust the GPS if you want to get there from here.

Taking the Roller Coaster Plunge

Or "How I Became a Roller Coaster Fanatic"


You are now free to move back north.

Royal Revelations

Seven things you probably didn’t know about Benning Wentworth, our first Royal Governor

Moose Encounters

Of the close kind.

New Hampshire Noob

A thorough (or is it thoro?) guide to what I’ve learned so far

Romancing the Store

Keeping "ye olde" traditions alive

Get Hooked

Five reasons why you should try ice fishing (or not)

Quaint the Town

A Colonial Christmas, minus the disease and horse manure

Going Out with a Bang

Fireworks and funerals. Why not?

Boo Who?

Local themes make Halloween more, uh, local.

Embrace Your Age and Enjoy the Discounts

Why it's time for me to start taking advantage of the senior discounts at age 65

The New Hampshire Vacation Quiz

A test you can't fail (probably)

Shellfish Motives

Our love for seafood is inversely proportional to our coast size.

Committing Rhoda-cide

Add another death to the rap sheet.
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