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Sugar tongs are trending May 2015

Sugar tongs are trending

Has “Downton Abbey” bought back an item from early English tea culture?

Staffordshire Style April 2015

Staffordshire Style

An appraisal of an Aesthetic Movement Staffordshire plate from the late-19th-century.

Paper Mache Furniture March 2015

Paper Mache Furniture

Jason Hackler, manager/owner of New Hampshire Antique Co-op in Milford and partner of Jason Samuel Antiques, appraises a 19th-century side table made with paper mache.

Music 100 Years Ago February 2015

Music 100 Years Ago

An appraisal of a Victor-Victrola, made by the Victor Talking Machine Company.

Vintage Skis Made in Maine January 2015

Vintage Skis Made in Maine

A pair of vintage skis with a classic Scandinavian design made in Maine.

Art Deco Wardrobe October 2014

Art Deco Wardrobe

A wardrobe design inspired by skyscrapers

The Prized Highboy September 2014

The Prized Highboy

A desk with a documented provenance back to 1863 was likely once a highboy, a prized possession in 18th century homes.

A 19th-Century Landscape Painting Appraisal August 2014

A 19th-Century Landscape Painting Appraisal

A 19th-century landscape painting is an example of the Hudson River School and was inspired by the work of the noted artist Thomas Chambers.

Welcome Summer! July 2014

Welcome Summer!

A perfect time of year to talk about ice cream scoops

Nostalgic Figurines June 2014

Nostalgic Figurines

Vintage cake toppers are back in vogue.

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