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Keeping Your Brain Sharp As a Tack

How much good do mental exercises really do?

When Is it Too Late for Plastic Surgery?

More and more seniors are saying it's never too late and are signing up for various procedures. Here's what you need to know if you're considering plastic surgery later in life

Specialized Memory Care for Those with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Providing safety and security at specialized memory care facilities for loved ones with Alzheimer's and dementia.

The Truth About Reverse Mortgages

TV commercials would have you believe there are no downsides to reverse mortgages. Not so fast, say New Hampshire experts.

When It's More Than Just Snoring

If you snore, you might have a serious condition called sleep apnea. Here's how to recognize this sleep disorder.

More and more seniors are going mobile

You can take it with you after all, just as long as your recreational vehicle is your house

Retired living in NH isn't easy (or cheap)

NH is ranked as one of the costliest states in the country for senior living

Working After Retirement

Retirement doesn't always mean the end of working. Many of today's retirees are choosing to take on new jobs after they retire.

The Stresses of Caring for an Elderly Parent

Taking care of an elderly parent or family member can be difficult. Here's some advice to help make the situation more manageable.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Animals for Seniors

For both kids and adults, pets can provide comfort, confidence and healing.

Seniors and Sleep Problems

Sleep problems are common for seniors but there are some remedies.

Do You Need Long-term Care Insurance?

To buy or not to buy — this is a hard decision as costs for long-term care insurance trend upward.

The Village Movement Senior Care

The "village movement" are networks of like-minded people with an array of services to help seniors stay in their own homes as they get older.

How To Recognize and Stop Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is seldom discussed, but is sadly all too common. Local NH experts offer warning signs and resources.

Elderly Drivers and Safety in New Hampshire

Aging doesn’t equal loss of skill behind the wheel. Sweeping generalizations about elderly drivers' abilities are not the answer.
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