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Get Familiar With Terrain Parks March 2014

Get Familiar With Terrain Parks

Terrain parks offer a new way to enjoy skiing and riding at many mountains in New Hampshire.

Winter Hiking In New Hampshire: The Basics February 2014

Winter Hiking In New Hampshire: The Basics

Summer and fall aren’t the only seasons for hiking - winter hikes offer a whole new view.

Expert Downhill Skiing January 2014

Expert Downhill Skiing

How do you become an expert downhill skier? Practice, dedication and confidence.

Pond Hockey History and Tournaments in New Hampshire January 2014

Pond Hockey History and Tournaments in New Hampshire

From an impromptu game with branches for sticks and a stone for a puck to organized tournaments for adults, the winter tradition of pond hockey is alive and well.

Learn About Mushing December 2013

Learn About Mushing

Mushing is a great way to enjoy the winter woods. Learn about the basics with expert advice from Neil Beaulieu.

Geocaching February 2013


Learn how to begin geocaching, the all-seasons hide and seek.

Going Downhill January 2013

Going Downhill

Never skied? January is the month to get started.

.22 Calibre Contest December 2012

.22 Calibre Contest

Yes, you really can learn to compete in a biathlon, a sport with roots in military history.

Curling Rocks February 2012

Curling Rocks

Did you know there are places you can learn curling in NH?

Skiing Up the Hill January 2012

Skiing Up the Hill

Alpine touring is part exercise and part rewarding ski down.

Destination NH

Destination NH

Destination New Hampshire is a guide to the resources that visitors and current residents need most. Showcasing the seven regions of our diverse state, Destination is an easy-to-use, informative reference guide in a convenient format that people will utilize and share with others.

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