Letters to the Editor

Need a Good Reason to Spot the Newt?This month's lucky (and fearless) newt spotter will receive four pounds of Applewood Slab Bacon from the North Country Smokehouse of Claremont, www.ncsmokehouse.com.

The North Country Smokehouse is a proud member of NH Made (www.nhmade.com), the state's official non-profit booster of locally generated products and services. (Just for the record, New Hampshire Magazine is a proud member, too.)

Spot four newts hidden on ads in this issue, tell us where you found them and you might win an assortment of great gifts. To enter our drawing for a free gift basket, send your answers to

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E-mail them to newt@nhmagazine.com, or fax them to (603) 624-1310.

Last month's "Spot the Newt" winner is Steve Swasey of North Hartland, Vt. February issue newts were on pages 31, 35, 65 and 87.

Letters to the EditorNo Shopaholics

Just an FYI regarding an article in the February edition of your magazine. This is regarding the article by Stacy Milbouer and Tom Long: "Bargains Galore!" The authors mention a store called Shopaholics Boutique with locations in Dover and Portsmouth.

After reading the article my 13-year-old daughter and I thought it might be a nice Saturday afternoon excursion (from Amherst, N.H.) to do a little exploring and shopping in Portsmouth. To our dismay the SB store in Portsmouth is no longer in existence. My daughter had checked the store's website prior to our departure just to double check the hours and address. There was no mention of the Portsmouth store being closed.

Fortunately, we discovered another consignment store not too far away, had a nice lunch and enjoyed some mother/daughter bonding time. So, no worries but just thought you'd like to know for purposes of correction.

Veronica D. Foley


Survey Bias?

I have significant concern about your methodology [for the 2011 Top Doctors' survey]. There are many great doctors who practice in rural areas of the state and are unknown except to their patients.

In addition, the results will be significantly biased towards doctors who are members of a large group practice. In some specialty areas where I knew several excellent doctors, I was only able to list one.

Stuart A. Copans, M.D.

Editor's Note: We are working toward a more robust survey that will allow us to gain a consensus in the state's more rural areas. This year's shift to an online-only poll is the first step in that direction. The fact is that we need more votes from less-populous regions to be able to discern the most esteemed specialists, so we're trying to broaden the base of the poll. So far so good. We've already exceeded previous year's totals in number of forms submitted and we still have more than a week before the poll comes down.

Beyond Offensive

I knew flatlanders had a poor opinion of anyone not from Massachusetts but Jimmy Dunn went over and above the normal misplaced disdain most idiot flatlanders express towards the residents of the Mount Washington Valley in your January issue. [The story said] "smelling like a North Conway goat"? There is nothing funny or artistic to justify its inclusion in your publication. I don't think so. That was BEYOND offensive and you and your publication are on notice. As North Conway was the ONLY N.H. town mentioned in the article Dunn owes the residents of North Conway a PUBLIC PUBLISHED apology as does your magazine.

The residents of Manchester, where you are from, may not visit our area but your city certainly benefits from the millions in rooms and meals tax that we collect for the state and so allowing a comedian from Massachusetts to insult a N.H. town in a N.H. magazine is in VERY poor taste. If there is not a public published apology in both your magazine and our local paper by the end of February I will be writing every advertiser in the January issue expressing my displeasure and urging them to not purchase advertising space in your publication again until the apology is tendered.

I will also be asking that every resident of North Conway and the surrounding community to do the same. You may not need North Conway but you certainly need those advertising dollars and the advertisers do need North Conway and the local area.

D. James

North Conway

Editor's Note: Jimmy Dunn is a good old New Hampshire boy (assuming Hampton hasn't been conquered by Massachusetts) who is not above taking some good humored shots at his home state, but in this case I'm pretty sure the only thing he was calling smelly in North Conway was its population of goats. Nonetheless, apologies to anyone of any species who was offended by his remarks.

The Missing Chowder

We so enjoy reading NH Magazine every month and can't wait for its arrival. It is one of the publications we receive that we truly read cover to cover.

This past Saturday Maria, my wife, and I decided to have a "date day" and consulted the restaurant guide in the back of February's issue. On page 70 we saw a profile on The Common Man in Merrimack and the lobster corn chowder got us salivating.

Well, when we arrived and placed our order the waitress, Lucy, had the proverbial deer-in-the-headlights look when we ordered the lobster corn chowder. She summoned the manager, Brian, who explained they don't have it and it must have been a misprint. No problem, misprints happen.

But much to our surprise and palate's pleasure, Brian provided two complimentary cups of their seafood chowder! It was outstanding! Thick, creamy and loaded with flavors. Certainly one of the best chowders we have experienced.

We were so impressed with their courtesy and customer service (not to mention the chowder!) we were inspired to write this letter.

Thank you again for a fine magazine and profiling such outstanding restaurants.

Jim & Maria


Defunct Diner

I always enjoy receiving my monthly copy of your magazine. My wife and I frequently consult your restaurant listings, and have been dismayed to see that they're not kept up to date. Granite Grill Diner in Fitzwilliam went out of business last fall, yet the last several issues of NH Magazine continue to list it in the Monadnock section.

Tom Gould


Editor's Note: Sorry to let you down. The correction has been made.

Online CommentsRe: "Remembering Christa," January 2011

Grace wrote: I am so very pleased to have the positives that came out of Christa McAuliffe's tragic death pointed out to me. I'm sure that she is watching and guiding from her lofty perch and is very pleased to see that which has come to pass as a result of her short stint with the nation's space program.

Spaulius wrote: I learned about this remarkable woman in school today and after coming home it brought tears to my eyes. I feel she was one of those rare people that had a golden heart - she will always be remembered.

Re: "Rethinking Winter" January 2011

JenO wrote: So excited to see skijoring made the list!

Mac wrote: Really enjoyed this article. Made me get off the couch and go outside for awhile. Ski-O. Sounds really neat.

Elizabeth wrote: Also happy to see skijoring on there. However, I think it should be noted that this sport is accessible to anyone with cross-country skis and a dog that pulls. For less than $100 worth of additional equipment you can have a blast and exercise your dog at the same time.

Our Bad (Corrections)We got the photographer's name slightly wrong on the photo of the Tamworth Winter Carnival in the Feb. issue Things To Do page. It should be Kathie Fife of Kathie Fife Photography/Artemis Natural Resource Designs.


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