Boardroom in the Bedroom

As the economic landscape continues to change, many Granite Staters are looking for ways to create professional yet comfortable offices right in their own homes. Attend the board meeting in your robe and slippers? Why not? For many professionals, the commute to work is over before their cup of coffee gets cold. By choice or necessity, home offices have brought the boardroom into the bedroom — literally.

The benefits of home offices are great, yet so are the challenges. However, finding the right space that provides privacy, adequate room and the adaptability to convert from personal to professional may be easier than you think. Here are some examples that may work in your home.

For Tony World, owner of the Closet Connection in Dover — a company that specializes in designing and installing innovative work, living and storage areas — the demand for work space in the home is increasing. In the past five years, he has seen the call for home office design rise 15 percent. “The emergence of the Internet has changed everything,” says World.

Custom Tailored Office

The custom-built office space pictured in the third and fourth photos above was designed to be shared by two; an author of children’s books and a yachtsman, and it beautifully accommodates both. The writer’s desk overlooks a spectacular view, providing the writer with inspiration that flows as freely as the powerful Piscataqua River below. The chart storage section makes a handy navigation station for the Captain, and also doubles as a wine rack. Both residents enjoy separate hanging filing drawers.

As the space is contiguous to the living room, a false back beneath the writing desk was created to conceal unsightly computer and lamp wires. The large cabinet on the left is an entertainment station housing a custom cart with wheels to transport the television out of the “garage” for ideal viewing beside the fireplace.

The bookcase wraps around the perimeter of the exterior wall above the windows, warmly embracing the area with a splendid collection of leather-bound books. For a couple with very different needs, this space is a functional office that harmoniously blends with their living quarters.

Corner Office

Yes, your dreams of occupying the corner office can be realized sooner than you thought. The advent of the computer has made it possible for the creation of satellite offices where enormous filing cabinets are a thing of the past and storage of office supplies is at a minimum.

On a landing at the top of the stairs, unique pieces of furniture conform to a hallway in a constrained space. The mini-armoire stores the printer and paper, and the wicker corner desk is illuminated by the overhead brass lantern, all adding character and charm (see the second photo above).

Closet OfficeNecessity is the mother of invention. This pleasant surprise provides an opportunity for an office space where one did not previously exist (see the first photo above). Baskets on the shelves above the desk organize mail and periodicals providing clutter control. A cork backwall keeps reminders ever present. When surprised by guests for dinner with no time to straighten the office, simply close the closet doors and your dining room is restored.

Whatever your challenges, space, privacy or cost, there are many local resources that provide creative storage options to help organize your particular home office needs with personal flair. Be open minded, use your imagination and have fun getting down to business. NH

Closet Connection

69 Venture Dr.


(603) 742-1131

DK interiors

(603) 969-9054

Home office furniture resources

C.A. Hoitt

293 Wilson St., Manchester

(800) 562-3966

Bridgman’s Fine Home Furnishings

387 Miracle Mile, Lebanon

(800) 639-6208

Allen Wayside Furniture

Locations in Portsmouth, Conway and Plaistow

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