Sneak a Peek at Spunky - A Conway Legend

After a long, cold winter the chirping sound of a spring peeper is like a one-arm slot machine hitting a jackpot. A rush of hope shoots through your body and you begin to recall what warmth once felt like. While Spunky the frog at The Toy Chest, Conway, is not a peeper, he does get a lot of looks. A couple of years ago Daren and Melanie Levitt bought the Conway landmark and Spunky was part of the package. Is Spunky a real frog? Yes, he's been on our counter for almost 21 years. This May is his 21st birthday and, because he'll be legal, we will probably have some sort of celebration. He lives underwater and while his eyes are open, he's blind. People think he's rubber because he just doesn't look real. Where did he come from? Spunky arrived in Conway over 20 years ago as a pet tadpole. There's a company that sends you a tadpole in the mail. You get to watch them turn from a pollywog to a frog. It's great for kids to learn the science involved and it's pretty low maintenance. He eats frog flakes. Do people come to see him? Oh, gosh, yes. He's a Conway icon. You can always tell who has been loyal to the store; people come in who remember him from when they were children and now they bring their own children and ask for him. Does he have a personality? He's 20 years old - he sleeps quite a bit. Sometimes he gets swimming around and lets out a croak or a little song. He's an old man, but once in a while he'll have a burst of energy. Do you still sell the kits? Of course, they are the biggest seller; you get a kit, frog food and a birth certificate. Then you send away for the tadpole. It's a deal - the kit is still $19.95. *** So What's New Neck Candy Inch By Inch You'll need a calculator to add up all the compliments you'll receive when you wear a scarf from Katerpillar Scarves of Windham. "They look like caterpillars because they are knotted, looped and can be worn as either a necklace or a scarf," explains designer Ana Krstanovic. Handmade out of different yarns and textures, these head-turning scarves come with either a clasp or a hidden charm. Prices range from $25 to $30. Visit Custom orders accepted. Go Green At Your Con greenience Think of this little "emerald" as a gas station without cooties. From the pumps to the powder room, everything at Simply Green Biofuels, 547 Central Ave., Dover is clean and green. Look for hot coffee, fresh baked goods and to-go sandwiches and fuel pumps that feature gasoline with 10-percent ethanol as well as B5 and B20 biodiesel. You'll find a helpful and educated staff ready to help with home heating as well. Full service available daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And yes, they'll wash your windshield. Shake Your Booty Rock and Rolling Pins You can't help but sing while you shop at Butternuts Good Dishes, 12 Railroad Ave., Wolfeboro, a hip new kitchen store that blasts music from the '70s. "We catch people singing all the time," says Sally Hunter, who with Suzanne Simmons has put the fun back into the kitchen. From beginner to gourmet, there's something for everyone, including a kids' section, with little aprons and rolling pins. Lots of "groovin''" grazing on samples of N.H.-made cheeses and sweets.
Shops Not Shots Hidden Hospital Treasures There's more to your local hospital gift store than you thought. Most shops feature a wide variety of popular items at very affordable prices. Check out The Pink Smock Shop at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, or Heartfelt Gifts at Concord Hospital, where we spied Sally Rocks jewelry by local artist Sally Johnson of Bow. See more of Sally's work at Street "Shout Out" Congratulations to Roxanne Herres, who has moved her full service Web design graphic art and photography studio, Sun Valley Creations, into new digs at 63 Harvey Brook Rd., Columbia. Herres' family portraits make stunning Mother's Day gifts.
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